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Cleaves Hall Student Accommodation

Latest News from Cleaves Hall Student Accommodation:


From September 2023 room charges are:

£115   pw/pp for single-bed study room
£133   pw/pp for double-bed study room
Currently unavailable   pw/pp for self-contained en-suite room (apartment)
Currently unavailable   pw/pp for flat (visitors suite)



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The staff were very friendly and helpful. Lorna took her time to show me around and introduced me to people we met. My room was very clean when I moved in. The WiFi is very good and the building security is very good. Communal areas are nice! Especially the sofas and TV.

Charlotte, Germany

Cleaves Hall is fantastic, especially Keith is really nice. We are well taken care of. WiFi is really good, getting in and out of the building is easy, cooking facilities are fine.

Eilidh, Holland

Everything was well prepared and cleaned for moving in. Staff were very friendly and helpful for all kind of inquiry and needs. Five stars out of five.

Li, China

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