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Cleaves Conference Centre

The Cleaves Conference Centre - Proud Sponsors of Division G of the Gunn and Moore South Nottinghamshire Cricket League.

The Cleaves Conference Centre boasts Fast Broadband WiFi, with average speed of 25MB download and 35MB upload, and capable of coping with all manner of business meetings, presentations and conventions.

The main room has computer projection facilities and sound system.

There are two break out rooms, and the possibility of creating another via partitioning in the main room.

There is a small kitchen and plenty of facilities for making and serving drinks. The Centre has a connection with a number of local catering firms to provide simple lunches or even full 3-course meals.

In recent months the Conference Centre has been used for many different business purposes, for celebration and presentation events, for annual general meetings in a theatre style format. We can work with you to style the room to meet whatever requirements you may have.

Get in touch with us and find out more.

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